About Me

Short Biography

  • Professor at Télécom ParisTech since 2005
  • Leader of Team (ACES) Autonomous and Critical Embedded Systems
  • HDR in Computer Sciences at (UPMC) University Pierre et Marie Curie in 2001
  • PhD Thesis at Télécom ParisTech in 1993 (industrial PhD thesis with Dassault Electronic)

Main Research Topics

  • Real-Time Systems
  • Deterministic Platforms
  • Critical Systems Design Process

Projects and PhD thesis

  • Project CTI aims at offering new car services but also a better security for the user. Adding new services in cars also embeds new digital threats, such as intrusion, data theft, which can also impact the reliability and the safety of the system. In this project, I supervise Jean Oudot’s PhD thesis with Etienne Borde as advisor. This PhD thesis is also a joined thesis with Arvind Easwaran from NTU.
  • Chaire C3S aims at developing connected cars taking cyber-security into account. Four axis have been identified, and I am involved with the axis « Resilience by design ». In particular, we study solutions inspired by the living world, for example mimicking the ability of the immune system to fight the attack first generically (phagocytes) then in a second time in a targeted manner (lymphocytes and anti-body) .
  • Chaire ISC aims at developing complex systems and more specifically Cyber-Phyical Systems. In this context, I supervise Roberto Medina’s PhD thesis with Etienne Borde. In this work, we define a meta-heuristic to schedule multiprocessor systems composed of multi-periodic Directed Acyclic Graphs of Mixed Criticality tasks.
  • Project ISC aims at developing collaborative processes between industrial stakeholders in extended enterprise in the context of Model Driven Systems Engineering and strengthening the overall vision of decision-makers by evaluating and comparing different architecture alternatives. In this project, I supervise Mohamed Hassine’s PhD thesis with Etienne Borde as advisor.
  • Project S3P aims at enabling the rapid development and commercial operation of Internet of Things (IoT) connected products and services, combining unique features of dependability, cyber security, agility and portability. Our contribution to the project consists in developping solutions to the ALSTOM’s case study. Basically, some previous research results based RAMSES are injected in the project.
  • I also supervise Farouk Hebbach’s PhD thesis with Mathieu Jan (CEA) and Florian Brander as advisors. This collaborative work with CEA aims at exploring the use of deterministic and time-predictable computing platforms. In particular, we study the extension of Time-Division Multiplexing with dynamic arbitration schemes.


  • RAMSES, a model transformation, analysis and code generation platform for AADL (collaboration with CMU/SEI)