About Me

Short Biography

  • Professor at Télécom ParisTech since 2005
  • Leader of Team (ACES) Autonomous and Critical Embedded Systems
  • HDR in Computer Sciences at (UPMC) University Pierre et Marie Curie in 2001
  • PhD Thesis at Télécom ParisTech in 1993 (industrial PhD thesis with Dassault Electronic)

Main Research Topics

  • Real-Time Systems
  • Deterministic Platforms
  • Critical Systems Design Process

Projects and PhD thesis

  • Chaire C3S aims at developing connected cars taking cyber-security into account. Four axis have been identified, and I am involved with the axis « Resilience by design ». In particular, we study solutions inspired by the living world, for example mimicking the ability of the immune system to fight the attack first generically (phagocytes) then in a second time in a targeted manner (lymphocytes and anti-body) .
  • Chaire Cyber-CNI : The chair focuses on cyber security of critical infrastructures, a field where the need for skills will become crucial for the industrial and service sectors, from innovative SMEs to large industrial groups.
    • Hassan Chaitou aims at optimising security risk for classifiers on heterogeneous quality data. In particular, he presents the outcome of this assessment for GANs vs adversarial training. Interestingly, it shows that GANs’ evasion capabilities are either very good or poor, with almost no average cases. Resources impact the likelihood of obtaining an efficient generator.
  • Chaire ISC aims at developing complex systems and more specifically Cyber-Phyical Systems.
    • Nan Li’s thesis aims at exploring the possibilities of real-time execution of a modern MPC-type control algorithm on an on-board low computing resources. We propose a Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) model under a minimum time objective, which integrates the opponent vehicle’s trajectory as a collision-avoidance constraint. This work is a collaboration with Sylvie Putot and Eric Goubault from LIX, Institut Polytechnique de Paris.
    • Project FARO/CIEDS : The project in collaboration with COSYNUS/LIX and SSH/U2IS from Institut Polytechnique of Paris aims two objectives in terms of drones in swarms, on land, in the air, at sea, carrying out joint operations : 1) the development of new algorithms (driven by models and / or by data) and new validation methods to ensure proper functioning; 2) an experimentation center dedicated to outdoor robotics in order to validate the results of the previous objective. We are hiring on this project (thesis)
  • Chaire E4C : The chaire is structured in several Research Actions. Our research action considers energy efficiency for ICT systems and smart spaces at different scales (local/small scales include for instance embedded systems, individual flats and limited geographic areas; large scales include for instance distributed systems and communication networks).
    • We are working with Gael Thomas from PDS of Institut Polytechnique of Paris on mixed criticality energy management in connected object systems. We are hiring on this project (thesis)


  • RAMSES, a model transformation, analysis and code generation platform for AADL (collaboration with CMU/SEI)
  • GMC-RES, a LITMUS RT plugin implementing the GMC-DAG mixed criticality scheduling algorithm.